3 Colour Drawing

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Fun & easy drawings using only three colours! See what ideas you can come up with when you’re limited to just three colours… no more, no less…

Materials you’ll need[edit]

  • Paper (use your sketchbook)
  • 3 colours of pen or pencil


Watch our video for a step-by-step guide

  1. Test out your colour combinations in your sketchbook or on a spare piece of paper
  2. How do they look together? What different styles and patterns can you make?


  1. Try doing a cityscape, like in the video. At its most basic, you draw a square, and then make it a cube with three diagonal lines, and then join and connect them.
  2. How do different cubes and boxes fit together?
  3. Add windows to your buildings – maybe a door, or a chimney? Is there a garden? What’s in the garden?

Stack ’em up[edit]

  1. Start with a small idea – like a star – at the bottom of your page
  2. Draw different bubbles stacked on top of each other – each one must be connected to the bit below it
  3. Now turn each of these into a character – what faces are they pulling? Are they wearing a hat? Do they have different clothes?

Watch the step by step tutorial (Wikimedia Commons)

Watch the step by step tutorial (YouTube)

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