Build-a-Bot with Glasgow Science Festival!

Hey there everyone!

We’ve done work with Glasgow Science Festival in the past and they’re lovely lovely people – and we’re really happy to be part of this year’s festival with #ScienceOnTheSofa!

We’ll be showing you how to build a Cereal Box Robot at 13:00 – 13:15 on their Facebook page – here’s the blurb you need to know!

From R2D2 to Bender, from Roombas to the Mars Rover – robots are coming out of science fiction and straight into our everyday lives. But if you could build any robot, what would it be like? Would it have a name? What would it do?

In this art workshop, Barry from Boom! Community Arts will be showing you how to turn household objects into an articulated, customised “robot” – and while it might not do the hoovering for you, it’ll certainly keep you busy!

For this workshop you will need:

* Cereal box (or similar)
* Toilet roll tubes, or kitchen roll tubes
* Tin foil
* Paper fasteners
* Stuff to customise your robot (e.g. bottle tops, string, pipe cleaners)
* Scissors
* Glue
* Colouring pens
* Pencil
Sun 13th Sept, 13:00-13:15

Free, no booking required

Join us by clicking this link to the Glasgow Science Festival Facebook page or by searching for @Glasgowsciencefestival. Share your robots by posting to @GlasgowSciFest #GlaSciFest or in the comments below the video!
BOOM! Community Arts will be on hand to help you with the activity and answer any of your questions.

The video will then be available on Facebook for you to view in your own time and here in our Hands-On(line) after the 13th Sept.

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