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So… this is a little different from our usual art content, but after a whatsapp conversation with a friend I figured that this might come in useful to a few folks. And seeing as a whole bunch of us are in lockdown (massive salutes to key workers of all stripes, NHS workers and the emergency services who can’t stay at home), there might be some appetite for this kind of stuff.

My friend has three kids of varying ages, all of whom are off school, and she’s working from home. The school’s providing work for the kids, but she’s struggling to get one of them in particular interested in doing it… she asked if we had any ideas. Turned out I had a few ideas.

The below lists include a range of things for kids & adults. I’ll do more posts as I come across more stuff…. much love & handwashing, Sara. x

Art & Museums

Well, this one’s got an obvious start….



Data & coding


  • You can learn to edit Wikipedia in about an hour, with the Wikipedia Adventure. Learning to edit Wiki is GREAT for information, digital & data literacy. There are currently more people reading Wikipedia than ever before (March & April stats have been record-breaking), and there’s something really satisfying about improving something that people all over the world will read.
  • If you’re interested in doing an online course, there’s a list of MOOC providers here – all sorts of different stuff.

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