Lockdown exercise ideas for all ages

Hello again folks, hope lockdown’s treating you well, and that you’ve been getting your government-approved daily exercise…. I spend most of my days at a computer so remembering to move my body every day is really important, and especially so now! I’ve been hearing a lot about this Joe Wicks fella, including some rather amusing pictures of pals’ kids on Facebook, but there’s gonna be alternatives, right?

Folk seemed to like the last post I did about free educational stuff to do during lockdown, so I thought I’d do a follow up, about ideas for exercise… Most of these are people that we know, or people that we like. Hope it’s helpful!

Making stuff

The nice folks at Circus Sensible posted this video on their Facebook about how to make juggling balls from balloons & rice.

Rock Your Walk is another brilliant combination of Craft & Exercise. Grab a nice-looking rock when you’re out walking, bring it home, paint it, leave it somewhere nice for someone to find and post a picture 🙂

Circus skills

There’s a whole bunch of research about how circus is good for your brain as well as your body. Learning how to do something that takes practice teaches you resilience, and you use a different bit of your brain from the bit that you use when doing academic stuff. I’m a terrible juggler, but you have to concentrate really hard on just doing that, so it takes your mind off anything else that you’re thinking about.

Live Love Hoop – a free resource with games & hoop tricks for little people

Twisted Orbit – 5 circus tricks that you can learn at home!

Get fit

Ok, so we go to Eden Festival every year, and one of the highlights (bear with me) is Mr Motivator. Yes, that Mr Motivator. The one from the telly. Yes, he’s still going. Yes, he’s still wearing the leotards. Trust me, you cannot be sad when a 67 year old Jamaican man in a garish jumpsuit is telling you to dance. And he’s doing Daily Dozen workouts on his Facebook at 12 noon everyday. Click for the workout, stay for the life lessons.


Mark Kanemura is a backing dancer for Lady GaGa, and is doing Dance parties for all ages on Instagram stories. This is silly and lovely.

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