Possilpark Gala Day 2018

During our planning for the Glasgow 2018 Carnival workshops, Ann at PossilPoint / YPF had asked if we’d be interested in taking a table at the Possilpoint Gala Day, to which we said a very quick UM, YES PLEASE.

Various folk involved with BOOM! have attended the Gala Day over the years, and it’s a great wee event – although distinctly less wee these days, and huge props to Ann for the amount of work she does to organise it.  One thing we love about the event is that all the shows and activities are free or low cost, with organisations from all over the area represented.  Many thanks to the folks at the Concrete Garden for lending us a gazebo (we don’t have one yet), and to Father David from St Matthew’s for bringing it over in the van.

Special advisor to the board Barry Neeson had came with a quick and easy finger puppet activity that we could deliver, with Chair of the board Sara Thomas delivering the activity along with local artist Bex Smith.  Funding for our participation came from a small amount of unrestricted funds that we’ve managed to accrue through delivery of activities outside Possil.

The event ran from 12-4 on Saturday 11th August, and we didn’t stop all day – from our rough tally we reckon we saw 60 kids and around 40 adults. We also saw folk from local organisations Carnival Arts, NG Homes, and Friends of Springburn Park.

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