Still Scribbling 2018

Thanks to all our participants who joined us for our first official set of workshops as a registered charity!  We had a great time with you, and we hope you enjoyed it too.

Still Scribbling was a ten-week adult arts workshop which took place at the St Matthew’s Centre in Possil (and on good days, the adjacent Concrete Garden) for ten weeks in Summer 2018, open to all levels of skill and experience.  Our artist for this workshop was Barry Neeson, who’s worked in community art in Possil since 2010.  The workshops included spraypainting, still life, clay work, acrylics and more.

This workshop series encouraged participants to explore various different skills and media (weeks 1-5), and then moving on to concentrate on their own pieces with support from our lead artist (weeks 6-10).  Participants reported an increase in their confidence and creativity – with one participant reporting that they had, for the first time since school, bought their own art materials and started creating outside the workshop setting.

We were also very touched to see the workshop results being shared on social media by participants.

Huge thanks to the Spirit of Ruchill/Possilpark, a Fourteen Community administered by Foundation Scotland, for funding the group.

Funded from the Spirit of Ruchill/Possilpark – A Fourteen Community. The Fund is administered by Foundation Scotland

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