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Welcome to BOOM! Community Arts.  During the COVID-19 period we’re obviously not able to run our workshops face to face, but that doesn’t mean that the art has to stop.  And when you’re stuck at home, art can help.

We’re Scribbling on Regardless, and we’re going to be posting videos and instructional videos here for you to follow along with at home on our Scribbling on Regardless page.  We’re trying to use materials that you’ll probably have at home, or can easily get hold of.

The videos will be uploaded to YouTube, but also to Wikimedia Commons, so if you’re on a school iPad where YouTube is blocked you’ll still be able to watch.

While we have funding to do so we’re also going to deliver some basic art packs to the North of Glasgow, and are working with NG homes to make this happen.

Hope you’re all keeping well.  Wash your hands.  Stay at home.  Make Art!